5 Keys to a Successful Yoga Practice

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  1. Eat a small protein-based snack no-less than 45 minutes before your practice; You want to avoid feeling sluggish and uncomfortable during your practice but a little energy food such as protein powder blended with water, can be helpful for yoga teachers or students who follow strict vegetarian diet.
  2. Avoid over-stretching; Going for that extra inch in to an asana may compromise the integrity of your joints and ligaments.
  3. Harness your wandering mind; Even if you’re tired, focus on your body and breathing to get the most out of the every Yogasana, If not stop for that moment.
  4. Focus on your form; Slouching puts your shoulders out of alignment, exposes you to injury, and keeps you away from benefiting from an asana fully.
  5. Be patient with yourself and your practice; Muscle strength, better range of movement, and well-being come one asana at a time – don’t worry, you’ll get there.Practice Yogasana often; Patience is necessary, but you have to stick with it to see and feel the ongoing benefits of yoga. Know your limits; Rest when your body tells you to.
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