Why Yogkinesis?

Yogkinesis is a compilation of Yogic Principles and methods that most ancient masters have practiced and intended to teach. In addition to spiritual growth this method contribute to encouraging energy efficient practice & better movements.

Who is the teacher?

A practicing yogi since year 2000, Dr Abhishek is a doctor of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences and a certified STOTT Pilates instructor. He focuses on alignment, developing suppleness, stability and strength, with an emphasis on injury rehabilitation.

Follow No One

Dr Abhishek do not follow any particular teacher or style in yoga, but rather base his classes on a mix of Yogic sciences, Contrology and Naturopathic principles. I like to encourage students to “Learn from everyone, Follow no one.”

Explore Yogkinesis

Yogkinesis is an App for all styles of yoga you ever know or practice.


Hundred’s of workshop and conferences take place every year on Yoga and related topics around the world. Everyone is trying to teach their own methods to fit in to different population which makes it very confusing and difficult for people which one to choose?

Teacher Training

Professional Yoga Teacher Training courses  and continue Yoga Education in China, Hong Kong and Thailand.


Professional guidelines and tremendous amount of knowledge flowing in to your home theatre and mobile devices.