Sensational Backbends

Absolutely pain-free.

Core Training – Advance

Yoga meets modern exercises.

Therapeutic Sequencing

Make others feel good

Vinyasa Fundamental’s

Moving through Inner Power.

Twisted Trunk

Twisting & Churning for Detox

Integrated forward bend

Flexible for life.

Mastering Inversion

Upside Down Yoga.


Poise in single leg.

Yoga for Therapy

Heel yourself first.


Hundred’s of workshop and conferences take place every year on Yoga and related topics around the world. Due to diversity in teaching methods and simplification of contents to fit different population, has created a big conflict among students and teachers.

When system tries to fit according to people the system fails and so does everyone attached with it.

The fact is people have to fit in to one system, but now when many styles of Yoga has been introduced to people there should be One that inter-relates and inter-connect them to a traditional principles of Yoga and its Practices and that is Yogkinesis.

Reason for Multiple Series

The series of total nine (9) workshop’s are inter-related, they are capable of bringing overwhelming results when combined.

  • Knowledge & Success are better when come gradually.
  • Old School methods – to experience the possible benefit from these workshops not just physically but also educationally.
  • To batter fit in individuals daily schedule for upto three days.
  • Easily available to choose from the series of workshops to fit individual needs.
  • 30Hrs “Certificate of Attendance” to support your RYT renewal.
 YA Standard 30 Hrs Credentials

Every three years starting from the initial date of registration with YA, all RYTs must submit a minimum of:

  • 45 hours of yoga teaching and
  • 30 hours of yoga training
  • At least 10 training hours must be Continuing Education (CE) Contact Hours.
  • No more than 20 training hours may be Continuing Education Non-Contact Hours.
  • All hours must be directly related to one of the YA Educational Categories.