Foundation Course Curriculum

The foundation course is offered in two parts, Online (90 Days) + Live (10 Days).

The Online and Live curriculum have different study material so there is no fixed rule for learning one part earlier than the other. However completing the online material in 2-3 months or before attending the live course will ease in following the live course.

All studnets have freedom of choice to study and complete the entire course at their own pace within 6 Month from the date of first login to YOES.

Yogkinesis® Online Education System

YOES is the web hosted learning system where students learn with interactive course material such as documents, powerpoint and video/audio presentations. Students progress is tracked personally by Dr Abhishek and Team.

Foundation ONLINE (80 Hrs)

This 90 days online programme is required to develop an effective foundation for yourself and teaching purpose it will prepare you for a better understanding of yogic practices offered in the Ten Days Live Programme.

Yoga History & Philosophy

This module provides a detailed introduction to Yoga, its origin, history and Sanskrit (the language of yoga). The module will highlight the six Indian philosophies with important details. Finally you will be introduced to Bhagavad Gītā and Patanjalī’ Yoga Sūtṛa their importance and purpose of knowing them as a Yogī.
Chapter 1 Introduction of Yoga
Chapter 2 Origin and History of Yoga
Chapter 3 Six Indian Philosophies
Chapter 4 Introduction to Sanskrit
Chapter 5 Intro to Srimad Bhagavad Gita
Chapter 6 Intro to Patanjali Yoga Sutra

Yogic Lifestyle and Ethics

This module provides a clear view on the importance of lifestyle to attain the desired goals from Yoga not only for yourselves but also for your clients or students. You will learn the key to maintain your energy levels in and out of the class. I will highlight the teaching and moral ethics of yoga instructor and the steps to become an ultimate Yoga teacher.
Chapter 7 Intro to Yogic Lifestyle
Chapter 8 Intro to Yogic Diet
Chapter 9 Yogic Concept of Śarīra
Chapter 10 Ethical Codes

Basic anatomy & physiology of Yoga

This module offers you an opportunity to acknowledge if and when you are capable of helping your students, when further study is required, and when it is necessary to refer your students to another, more appropriate teacher.
Chapter 1 Human Body Orientation
Chapter 2 Organ System Overview
Chapter 3 Skeletal System
Chapter 4 Muscular System

Subtle Exercises of Yoga (Sūkṣma Vyāyāma)

Sequence of subtle yoga exercises to be practiced and logged on weekly basis.
Week 1 – Total Body Integration
Week 2 – Lower Limb | Active Mobilisation
Week 3 – Upper Limb | Active Mobilisation
Week 4 – Head and Torso | Active Mobilisation
Week 5 – Lower Limb | Muscle Activation
Week 6 – Upper Limb | Muscle Activation
Week 7 – Head & Torso | Muscle Activation
Week 8 – Lower Limb | Passive Stretching
Week 9 – Upper Limb | Passive Stretching
Week 10 – Head and Torso | Passive Stretching

Foundation LIVE (100 Hrs)

The live course dates and locations will be periodically announced in and also informed by email to all the students have enrolled for online course.

Teaching methodology

  • Principles of yogāsana practice
  • Keys to alignments
  • Sequencing yogāsana and lesson planning
  • Teaching principles

Techniques Training and Practices

Classical Hatha Yogāsana

  1. Standing
  2. Supine
  3. Prone
  4. Side-lying 
  5. Kneeling
  6. Sitting
  7. Arm Balance
  8. Inversion

Yogic Kriyā

  1. Vāmana Dhauti
  2. Jala Neti
  3. Bahiraṅga Trāṭaka
  4. Kapālbhāti


  1. Mahābandha
  2. Mūla Bandha
  3. Uḍḍiyāna Bandha
  4. Jālandhara Bandha


  1. Mahā Mudrā
  2. Viparīta Karṇī Mudrā
  3. Gñyāna Mudrā
  4. Cin Mudrā
  5. Yoni Mudrā
  6. Hṛidaya Mudrā
  7. Śāmbhāvi Mudrā
  8. Nāsikāgra Mudrā
  9. Ṣanmukhī Mudrā


  1. Śvāsa – Praśvāsa – Kuṃbhaka
  2. Yogic Breathing
  3. Nāḍi Śuddhi Prāṇāyāma
  4. Bhrāmarī Prāṇāyāma

Relaxation Techniques 

  1. Instant Relaxation Technique (IRT)
  2. Quick Relaxation Technique (QRT)
  3. Deep Relaxation Technique (DRT)


  1. OM Meditation

Spiritual & health benefits of Yogic practices

Yoga for Business 

  • Key to organise and manage a successful Yoga business

Practicum, Assignments & Exam (20 Hrs)
  • 5 Hrs group class teaching in partner studios (Contact)
  • 2 Hrs adjustments and correction under the guidance of Dr Abhishek (Contact)
  • Work in small groups, prepare classes with colleagues, exchange ideas and learn how to teach and assist others as they teach (Non-Contact)
  • Daily or Weekly assignments (Non-Contact)
  • Theory exam (Multiple choice questions)
  • Practical exam (Teaching and Demonstration)